Friday The 13th Prank!

Waarschuwing: Zeer verraderlijke vrijdag de 13e grap!

Vitaly een comediant, dacht even leuk te zijn en maakte een video voor vrijdag de 13e. Maar deze grap is bij velen in de verkeerde keelgat geschoten.

Vitaly ligt wellicht niet wakker van de commotie die is ontstaan. Want hij bereikte immers het CNN nieuws ermee.

De grap heeft uiteindelijk iets teveel aandacht gekregen, omdat Vitaly na het incident gearresteerd werd.


Kijk hoe Vitaly men de stuipen op het lijf jaagt!


  • okay so after this dont stop your laugh fest!! LOL as a joke I called this
    Lowes and told them to get on the intercom and announce that a JEWBAG was
    missing and potentially seen with a BIG BLACK MAN and and to report them
    both to the customer service and they did it in under 3 minutes….since i
    was so shocked they did it i had to follow through w/ the whole prank..
    click my name its the featured video if you love epic pranks you will love

  • Only hilarious cause no one got hurt (that we know of) and yes, incredibly

    Buuuuuuut if there’s a day to share it, it’s today.

    ch ch ch ha ha ha

  • LMAO
    .. You’ve probably already seen this a thousand times (judging by my G+
    search) but here it is again!

  • This is awesome! I’d do it, but I’m afraid I’d get shot or something! Lol!

  • I just shitted myself

  • Go ahead… fuck with me…

  • Hilarious, he chases random people with a chainsaw and everyone just run
    for their lives. However this seems to be a really dangerous prank. He
    could’ve been shot or something.

  • Lmbo! Vitaly is crazy for doing this! Friday the 13th prank. Scaring people
    with a mask snd chain saw.

  • Check out this scary prank for Friday the 13th tomorrow! #Vitaylzdtv

  • He’s lucky this wasn’t +Travis Augustine ‘s neighborhood. He’d have gotten
    dropped like a bad habit.


  • LOL


  • RUN GIRL!!! RUN!!


  • hahaah

  • hahahahahahaha
    Welcome to the real Hollywood

  • Happy Friday 13th ;-)

  • wow, lol

  • Lol found this.. funny and dangerous.

  • He’s lucky this wasn’t +Travis Augustine ‘s neighborhood. He’d have gotten
    dropped like a bad habit.


  • Scariest prank

  • LOL best prank in a while….

  • you are right that was a epic video. subbed

  • wtf cant believe that bitch fell for it… did u get in trouble?

  • MOTHER RUSIA ROCKS!!! This is epic!! lo0o0ol

  • You are a fucking loser, this was not even funny, This prank went way to
    far, and I am glad you got arrest!!!!

  • Vitaly u went to jail for a year man that sucks

  • you have to inform the local police and get a permit to do a prank like
    this. and maybe in the future you might want some security. lol you got
    your ass whooped and went to jail. lol now that’s funny!!!!

  • Did he really got arrested

  • Hahah daim good

  • Vrijdag de 13e grap! Moet je zien!!!

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